Lillian C Muller





A video installation by Ragnar Chacín.

This is the journey of two bodies sublimated by movement that transcend into a some kind of  restless animal and vice versa. 

This sound video installation shows the transformations of two human bodies, performed by Lillian Muller and Manyanga Como, who manifest themselves by dancing.

Two semi naked bodies dancing in close contact are filmed only with close-up shots. It is an intimate journey through movement.

Three projection surfaces inside a dark room with 5.1 surround sound invite the visitor to experience a sensory happening through a cinematographic experience.


Video and concept: Ragnar Chacín

Performers: Lillian Muller & Manyanga Como

Audio: Joaquín Jimenez 


French House in Mexico City Match 2014. 


Cultural project endorsed by the French Embassy. 

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