Lillian C Muller

Conscious of a dream 


Choreographer and Dancer

Conscious of a dream 

Dancefilm: Choreographic visual process that uses movement as a secondary process based on image, sound, word, spatial geometry and mathematics as scenic catalysts.

how ephemeral a dream can be and in constant search of the masculine and feminine.

Interdisciplinary piece in collaboration with the electronic/visual musician Joaquín Jimenez-Sauma, the actor/director Carlos Castilian, under the direction of the dancer and choreographer Lillian Müller. Luisa Gonzalez, dancer and poet. Francisco Cardoso, actor and Joaquin Hernandez, actor and mime. 

Presentation dates and places:

12 / March / 2016 Dance Theatre, Mexico City

The beginning of the piece is an experimentation between video and body within the Sae Institute facilities. December 2013.

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