Lillian C Muller

Patanjali & Jung V1.0 


Choreographer and performer

Patanjali & Jung V1.0 

The piece focuses on the search for and interaction between electro acoustic sounds with the body guided by an audiovisual liveset produced by Joaquin Jimenez Sauma, cello performance by Teresa Arias and movements by Lillian Müller. It relates the three qualities of the universe with some archetypes of the psychology of complexes.


Conceptualization and process notes: The title is born from the idea of relating the thoughts of the Bhagavad Gita. (Hinduism) and Carl Gustav Jung. The stage work is focused on sound, body and visual experimentation with the three qualities of the universe in a more abstract use, it means “quality”. The quality of nature, and exists in all beings, in various degrees of concentration and combination, moving on a physical, emotional and mental level. Archetypes manifest on a personal level (through complexes) and on a collective level (as characteristics of all cultures). Jung believed that the task of each generation is to understand its content and effects differently, The process was based on rehearsals of the three members in which we only played while listening to the other and creating dialogues. We use different methodologies, composition and choreography. 

Presentation dates and places:

05/20/2016 Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, First University Colloquium on Dance and Philosophy.

03/18/2015 Anahuacalli Museum, Music and Dance Festival.


Link of the piece: Clip Patanjali in Anahuacalli March 2015

Clip  at UNAM


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