Lillian C Muller

Sensitivity disorders 


Choreographer and performer

Sensitivity disorders 

Experimental video dance piece that takes as its motivator the transgressed and perceptive body to create sensitivity disorders. Which manifest themselves in the form of unpleasant erroneous sensations (paresthesias), intensified sensations (paresthesias), weakened (hypo esthesias) or completely annulled (anesthesias).

Dancer &  choreographer Lillian C Müller and visual artist Bruno Bresani create a dialogue between their work tools to experiment with sensitivity. 

MeM#7 —15) Date Stamp (Bruno Bresani. Brazil-Mexico.) 1:41 min. from Movement in Movement on Vimeo.

The expiration is fading us, the meetings are diluted in narrow corridors, the meat rots in the seconds that are repeated.

Video: Bruno Bresani.

Interpreter: Lillian Muller

Music: Sara Herculano 

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