Lillian C Muller

Unequivocal Fracture


Choreographer and performer

Unequivocal Fracture

Dialogue, interaction and improvisation, sensory laboratory expressed with the body in movement, sound art and interactive visuals. The piece aims to build a bridge between technological discourse, musical composition, new media and movement. The concepts are cycles of life, the evolution of the individual through time, expressing the existence of the contemporary human being affected by technological and ideological revolutions and current phenomena, thus merging classical and contemporary dance. 

With the piece Unequivocal Fracture The company Menta Movement was founded, 2011, a collaboration between dancer and musician, it’s about the experience of being there, being part and representing the here and now. Motivated by reflection on the ever-changing environment and the individual’s relationship with it. 


Menta Movement begins to articulate scenic acts through technology and the body, generating entirely multidisciplinary pieces. It seeks to establish its own rules by exploring in the panorama of emotional states, motor skills and space in interrelation, structuring through the awareness of sensory impulses. It is created under a process that involves believing, creating, producing and evolving and we investigate from sensory experience through the language of improvisation as a primary tool.


Panopticon Magazine Interview / spanish 

Unequivocal Fracture / Shakespeare Stage May 2014

Nov 2013 dance Theater Mexico City (open shot)


Edited version promo 

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