Lillian C Muller





Date of presentation:

Thursday, August 28, 2014 Festival of Indigenous Cultures, Zócalo of Mexico City


Social representations are not a simple reflection of reality, but “a significant organisation of it that depends, in turn, on contingent circumstances and more general factors such as the social and ideological context, the place of social actors in the society, the history of the individual or the group, and, finally, the interests at stake” (Giménez, 1998). Our Choreographic exercise seeks to explore the sounds of the city and a social representation. Sound movement is created and manipulated from the city as the main character. Find hedonism in chaos. Taking sounds out of context and appreciating them in a different way, for the simple fact of doing it, is a way of turning our surroundings into fantasy. Sometimes we would like to be able to dominate the environment in our favour and whim. In this auditory fantasy, we convert common sounds from our environment into sweet and rhythmic compositions that make us own it, controlling it, manipulating it, being the absolute owner of the present and transforming it.


Joaquín Jimenez / Idea, original music and live execution 

Lillian Müller / Direction of movement and multimedia

Luisa González / dancer and photography

Abraham Franco / dancer

Rocio Gutierrez / Technical support and dissemination La Hoja de Arena / Menta Movement Promotion / Production


Conceptualization of the piece


The idea for the piece arises from the series of concerts that exist in New York during the summer, musicians from all over the world play their art and mix with the ambient sounds of the city, drifting seven floors into Hell’s Kitchen, to a green garden where an elegant public enjoys wine and refreshments. We tried to create a version with the sounds of Mexico, and when creating the choreography the movements of ordinary people in the subway, in the park in their day-to-day were used as a reference. Visuals of the city were created and projected live. They mixed and created interactive effects on the spot.

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