Lillian C Muller

Work in progress 


Dancer and choreographer


At the moment, the theme is the “Liquid Society” which could be defined as a social deformation that reflects on the moral crisis during the 21st century,  after pandemic times has become even worse, physically and emotionally. The liquid society represents the results of fast technological development, not  followed by parallel social development which enables confusion and social destruction. Following Zygmunt Bauman´s observations of modernity and the amazingly lucid mind behind the brilliant concept of “liquid society”, an accurate representation of the current condition of our world, in which insecurity, uncertainty, and individualism are the dominant players.


The performance portrays emotional availability and interaction. This could be a collaboration with composers and musicians, showcasing some ethnic instruments like the Oud. The aim is to provide a scenario of interaction and  experimentation with short dance films and a video installation. 


Inspired by Eugenio Barba thoughts, “The secret of the performer’s body technique is to dilate “the body’s dynamics.” The dilated body is a site which expands itself and encompasses the whole field of energy. Only under the circumstances that a performer can dilate his/her body can he/she “consequently also dilate the spectator’s perception.”

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