Lillian C Muller



Choreographer and performer


The integration of duality as a main concept.  The performer uses her voice as “another character” , the Nietzschean inner-self, the audience is her notebook, her personal diary. Choreographic exercise between tenderness and anger, fear and trust. Black and white, introversion and extroversion. Acquired or learned social need to show oneself before a society, “well made up, well dressed, educated and within one feel strange, angry, with an existential malaise.”


Concept  and interpretation: Lillian C. Müller

Musical editing: Rodrigo Castillo Filomarino

Video and editing: Rhizome Films

Technical support and registrar: Luisa Gonzalez

Costume designer: Claudia Montes


Presentation dates and places:

02/27/2018 UNAM Dance Hall, III Uncovered Body Festival. Mexico City

02/23/2018 Benito Juarez Theatre. III Uncovered Body Festival. Mexico City

02/22/2018 House of Peace Forum. III Uncovered Body Festival. Mexico City

10/20/2017 Processes in Dialogue at the Spain Cultural Centre in Mexico.


Link of the First Version video at the Spain Cultural Centre:

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