Lillian C Muller



Dancer and choreographer


The project is called: Showcase: self-awareness exercise as a tool against violence.

When we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, the experience of being on stage and exposed to multiple gazes can become a cathartic and healing act. The agreements and disagreements that exist in our society with people, family, institutions, social and political positions, drive us to continually review the tools we have to analyse, understand and judge our environment.


As women, violence is a way of subsisting. The project divides into two sections a body self-knowledge workshop through the Franklin methodology, which is a somatic discipline, and takes what is learned and sensitised towards a staging and thus presents itself within the facilities of the Center for Social Rehabilitation. The goal is to create spaces of intimate relationship with the body and open moments of relationship with the female body.


The staging is generated from improvisation, having clear images and having the body sensitised so that the movement is generated organically. Key words were used given the specific context to generate an emotional response from the performers.


For reasons unrelated to the project, it was not possible to have a photographic or video record since it was prohibited by the centre’s authorities.

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