Lillian C Muller

Woman Object 


Dancer and Choreographer

Woman Object 

Street theatre scene for the prevention of violence against women. Original by Luis Rodríguez Leal.

Actress: Susana Ugalde

Choreography by Lillian Castillo Müller.

Winning project of the Arts for Everywhere 2006/2 scholarship by the Government of the Federal District, Ministry of Culture.

The piece revolves around the objectification of the female body. The piece is a satire by taking the dancer as a robot that only gives pleasure to see and move. Theatrical sketch to be presented in open spaces and with a duration of 15 minutes.


Presentation dates and places:

10 /08/2006 Plazuela La Fama, Calle La Fama and Insurgentes Sur

10 /15/2006 Plaza Independencia, Martín Carrera between Guadalupe Victoria and Anastasio Bustamante.


07/19/2006 Attention Centre for Battered Women of the Federal District Government.

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